1. Complete Solution
  2. Sending test messages for review messages after sending
  3. Clear all chats history one click
  4. Groups search/scraper by country and more.
  5. Leave groups after actions
  6. Delete groups after actions
  7. send any type of files
  8. Full source code
  9. Easy to customize for non developer
  10. Sending Unlimited Messages
  11. sending Multi-Multimedia messages
  12. Whatsapp groups search / groups
  13. Whatsapp groups filter
  14. Groups contacts extractor
  15. Anti banned module
  16. multi text messages (reduce the chance of blocking)
  17. Random Waiting Control after random X messages (anti blocking)
  18. Random delay between messages (anti blocking)
  19. Reselling application
  20. licence key Generator allows the buyer to resell application
  21. 100% Stable application.